Saturday, June 21, 2008

News: we organised workshops on management of severe malaria

We have organised training programs for the physicians of the malaria prone areas in our hospital from 1st June 2008 in three batches, each bach having 5 day course. About 60 doctors from mainly from government health centres and some of our hospital attended the program.

The program was sponsored by GFATM and cordinated by the Malaria Control Program of Bangladesh Health Directorate and supported by WHO.

In the program, case defination of malaria, clinical presentation, diagnosis and assessment, management, recovery and follow up of severe malaria were elaborately discussed.

In addition, picture quiz were interesting and also there was multiple case studies. In the hospital real cases were seen,examined and recoded and then presented by the participants.

There was special session for microbiology- microscopic identification of malarial parasite, Rapid diagnostic test and preparation of thickand thin film.

The whole program was in micro-teaching format and participatory in nature.

Professor Emran bin Yunus, who is working as monitor in different countries of Africa and Asia on Malaria Research Program was focal person of the programs in our hospital, a private one and Chittagong Medical College Hospital, the public hospital.

I worked as the resouce person and the co-ordinatorof the program that is organised in our hospital.

We are happy that the program ended successfully on 18th June, 2008.