Saturday, October 25, 2008

Case: Tubereculoma of the brain

The patient, a boy of 3 years presened with low grade fever for 2 months , neck bending for a week and convulsion for a few times in the last 48 hours.
There was history of contact with the open case of tuberculosis.

On examination, the patient was drowsy, malnourished, neck rigidity and kernig's sign are positive, reflexes are exxagerated.

CSF studies show mild lymphocytosis, sligtly increased protein and decreased noraml sugar.Gm stain and AFB staiin were negative.

The CT scan of the patient reveals multiple small cercular shadows of the brain , the radiologist identified them as Tuberculoma.

The patient was lebelled as a case of Tuberculoma of the brain.

He was given 4 drug antitubercular regimen and gradually improved and dischsrged after 1 month staying in the hospital.

badrud doza

Tuberculoma of the brain by Bhaskara Reddy & V. Kameswararao
An interesting account on Tuberculoma of the brain by Maurry H. Cambell MD writhhen in 1945